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Sarlahi Development is an online community where more than 2800 members from different professions, trade and culture with different notion but with a same vision of Sarlahi Development are united together. We emphasize on development and our only referendum is how to achieve our goal for the beneficiary of Sarlahi.

Sarlahi Development was formed in 2010, since then we have been working on to collect data from different parts of district to put it online to develop the knowledge about our district and also to bring the transparency in government’s culture and practice. However most of us are youth and we believe that we are more active than any political parties. The entire member works autonomously with unanimous decisions which are made by different local or online meetings.

Sarlahi Development has open book formative and prolific plans for Sarlahi in "SARLAHI VISION 2020" Please visit our site http://malangwa.com/Vision2020.html to get more information on it.

We with all our adherence and solidity are trying to take all the possible measure to materialize our vision. However we also expect the help and support from all Government organization and people from the district. So we invite them all to join our community and help us to achieve the goal.


Bawan Karn

Welcome to Malangwa.com. We would like to thanks to friends who are contributing information to see this website as a source of information about Malangwa, Sarlahi, Nepal. Your help is truly appreciated.



Soon you will get following information about Sarlahi:


1. NGO, Clubs information.
2. About college and prinicipal information of Sarlahi.
3. List of Govt Schools and Principals
4. Quality of education of Sarlahi.
5. Secretary of VDC with details
6. Progress activities of Municipality/VDC
7. Agriculture, development and market information.
8. Area wise agriculture information.
9. Budget implementation in villages
10. About Governemt offices and Trading houses
11. Occupation,Trading house, Individual business and scope of work in Sarlahi.
12. Trading house information.
13. Hotel and Lodge informaion
14. Medical-Hospital, Chemist, Doctors and stockist informaion.
15. History of Politics in Sarlahi
16. Budget Reports quarterly, half yearly and yearly
17. Possibilities in Sarlahi
18. Sarlahi Vision 2020



 Raj Yadav


Here is our contact information. Internet made this world so small so you can contact us  just by sending one email. 

 B. Karn

 Raj Yadav



If you want to give us any feedback or suggestion, don't forget to mention your contact address and number. Thank You.

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